Limo Rental Scams

There are a lot of different limousine rental service companies out there, each one offering its customers some unique services and additions aside from the basic or standard service offered, giving their potential passengers a wide array of choices that would help them choose the type of service that they want that would best suit their needs and wants. Although renting limousine services are not that common as an everyday thing, limousine rental service companies do get a bit busy at times, especially during the spring when most events that would require their services are being held, such as proms and weddings. Either way, with the number of limousine rental companies out there, you can still find the one that would best fit your taste and necessity.

Unfortunately, even this type of business has its share of scams that prey on unsuspecting and inexperienced would-be customers, giving those other limousine rental service companies who are providing quality service a bad name. Although there are different types of limousine rental scams, all of which are designed to rip-off customers into paying more than they should for a particular service. Hiring the services of a well-known and established limousine rental company is always the best way to try and avoid any limousine rental scams, especially since their quality of service has already been proven to a lot of people already, making it easier to trust in them. However, in order to make sure that you can avoid whatever type of limousine rental scam in the future, you need to take a few things into consideration in order to prepare yourself for such unfortunate mishaps, and hopefully avoid it from taking place or happening to you.

Here are a few examples of limo scams that have been pulled off by unscrupulous rental companies through the years:

Surprise food and beverage charges

With all things: GET IT IN WRITING.

Make sure that the provider understands your food and beverage requirements and that they are included in the contract. If you do not require food or beverages, make sure you are not paying for them as part of your rental. This is an area that can lead to disagreement and dissatisfaction so make sure the contract has specifically stated prices or exclusions for the services you will use.


Suppose your trip to the stadium gets detained for any number of reasons, including driving error. Or, perhaps you will linger at a business meeting before returning to the airport. Make sure you understand all overcharges and that the terms are specified in your rental agreement. This should include clarification about any extra charges for the driver.

TV or Internet Access Charge

This is another area where miscommunication can occur. Most limo rental units offer satellite TV or internet access. Make sure you have free access and that the provision of these services is included in your rental agreement. If you do not have fees for these services clearly stated, the bill could be significant.

Incorrect vehicle

If you do not insist upon the US Department of Transportation identification number and a photo of the interior and exterior of the limousine, the operator could substitute a different vehicle without breaching their contract. This could be an older limo for which the normal fee might be less than you will pay or a vehicle with a different seating configuration than your expect. To prevent this miscommunication, insist upon the identification number and photos of the subject vehicle and insist that the identification number be in your rental contract.

How to avoid scams?

One of the things that you can do in order to avoid limousine rental scams is by checking out everything that you are paying for before the actual day of use. Since the most standard form of service offered by most limousine rental service companies basically include the limousine itself, a licensed driver, and some beverages, you need to make sure that all these are exactly the things that they have promised to give you for your payment. If you paid for certain extras and additions, then make sure that you check them out as well. Some limousine rental companies can actually use misleading statements and descriptions when advertising their services, which is why you need to actually see it before availing of it to avoid getting duped by them. They may make something appear as one thing when in fact it isn’t, such as the use of the word “classic” instead of using the word “vintage” or “old model”.

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Different Limo Types You Can Hire

When people think of the term “limo rental”, the immediate picture to pop in the minds of many is a lengthy, sleek, and black vehicle–the type that’s favored by celebrities and millionaires.

While they’re not wrong in their initial perception, it actually comes as a surprise for some people that there’s more than just one type of limo that they can hire. Let’s talk about some of them today.

Stretch Limousine

Without a doubt, this is the more recognizable type of vehicle for a limo rental. We’ve seen it in movies, TV shows, and pretty much any magazine spread that required a touch of a classic in the backdrop.

This is the type that’s popular for transporting a group of people for a night out on the town. It’s also fairly popular for proms and weddings. A stretch limo is often the perfect choice to accommodate and transport a number of people–like let’s say, wedding guests to and from their destination.

But who says you have to share it with a large number of people? If you want, it’s entirely possible to rent a stretch limo for you and that special someone for an extra special time together. It particularly makes a great impression if you’re trying to put your best foot forward.

Common amenities that usually accompany a modern stretch limousine can be dependent on the limo rental company you’re speaking to. However, we did some asking around for you and these are the most common amenities: TV, bar, and some snacks. What may need bargaining would be: Wi-Fi and alcoholic drinks.

Sprinter Van

This particular type of vehicle is ideal for a large group of people who need to travel over a large distance. A usual sprinter van would be able to comfortably seat 11 to 14 adult passengers.

While it isn’t traditionally classy as the stretch limousine, it is economical and handy for family outings and such. It’s also useful when you need to carry a bit of luggage for yourself or your party. There will certainly be enough space in the back for your luggage.

Common amenities for a sprinter van are: TV, mood lighting, and snacks. If there are any extras that you want, be prepared to talk that over with the rental service provider.

Party Bus

This is handy for groups of people who want to party on the go. No, really.

A limo party bus is pretty spacious to the point that it has room for 16 people and still have plenty of leg room to walk around or dance in. This is a favorite for bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Common amenities are: a CD player or iPhone jack, TV, and a built in bar.

Luxury Sedans

Yes, sedans now count as “limousines”. These are more subdued and are best for transporting business personnel. They’re sleek and the pinnacle of comfort.

Don’t think that’s all there is to it. Luxury sedans are becoming a fast favorite as the wedding car of choice of many brides and grooms across the US. While it may not have any of the excessive amenities that the other limousines have, it can be decorated to go along with the theme of the event you’re using it for.

As you can see, there’s more than one type of limo. What’s left is for you to determine which one will fit your needs. Don’t forget to be discerning about the company you choose to hire. Always remember that you should get everything in writing to be on the safer side of things!

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Things Your Limo Rental Service Needs To Know

Like any exchange of goods, information must also be exchanged. This is also quite true when it comes to renting a limo or party bus.

If you’re aiming to rent out a vehicle for your use, don’t be surprised if the limo service company you’re talking to requires certain information. Today, we’ll be discussing the details that your limo service rental will need to know.

This way, you’ll be armed with the necessary answers to these questions.

1.) What type of event will you be needing the vehicle for?

When you want to hire a vehicle, you need to be able to provide a solid answer on what you’ll be needing it for. Will you be hiring a car for a wedding, a stag or hen party, an airport transfer, a night out on the town, a group outing, etc.?

Having a clear answer will also enable the limo rental company you’re speaking to come up with a clear list of cars in their fleet that would suit your needs. It will also enable them to give stellar recommendations for pit stops or whatnot. Some limo rentals have minimum hour requirements, while others are priced at a set fee. Limo services also offer special packages.

This information helps the limo company to plan your trip. It may offer scavenger hunts for a Sweet 16 or hen party, or a red carpet service for the bride. There could be special comp packages at casinos or VIP treatment packages and free passes at nightclubs.

2.) What day or days will you be needing the car for?

The limo service will need to know the date of your event and the length of time that you’ll need the rental.

The date is important, even if you’re just looking for quotes. The limo service can only quote based on vehicle availability. If you want a 26-passenger party bus and it’s sold out, they may be able to offer you a 28-passenger option.

But there’s no reason to have a discussion about a vehicle that you can’t rent. As you plan your excursion, think about the time you want to be at your final destination.  Consider the drive time when estimating how long you will need the limo or bus. Doing so will allow the limo rental company to have a strong idea of whether or not they can accommodate you and your needs.

3.) How many people will be using the vehicle?

This will affect the type of vehicle you can select. While switching from 12 to 13 passengers sounds simple enough, you’ll likely to have to switch from a limo to a party bus with that extra passenger. Limo service companies often have two considerations regarding this:

First, how many people can the vehicle legally hold? The Department of Transportation sets this guideline and it is strictly enforced.

Secondly, how many people can fit comfortably? If you’re going to be in the vehicle for a long time, you may want to ask about the suggested passenger count.

The rental company needs to know the exact number of passengers so they can ensure that the vehicle you use will offer you and your party both comfort AND safety.

4.) Are there specific amenities that you’ll want?

A lot of limo rental companies offer certain amenities with certain cars but not for others. In order for them to accommodate your desires, you’ll need to have a pretty good idea on what you want.

Do additional research on what sort of amenities usually go with a certain type of vehicle. Do you need ice, bottled water, glassware or bubbly? Make a list of what you want then, try to see if it’s available. From there, you and the rental company can hammer out a deal that suits you both. They may even surprise you with news of a package deal or a promo. So it never hurts to be informed and to relay your desires or expectations.


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5 Limo Rental Tips For Newbies

A lot of people often don’t realize that there are certain things you need to be aware of when renting a limo. This helps them be safe from scams and other unscrupulous dealings with companies that really ought to know better.

So in order to further protect our readers and empower them, today we’ll be discussing five limo rental tips for those who haven’t rented a limo before.

1.) There’s more than one type of limo to choose from 

When the concept of a “limo” is mentioned, it’s easy to visualize a stretchy all black vehicle that’s commonly used in movies and TV shows. While it is true that the stretch limo is a good choice for a rental, that isn’t the only type of limo available to choose from. Here are the general categories they may fall under:

Stretch Limo:  Stretch limos used to be the domain of luxury sedan-style vehicles such as Lincoln Town Cars or Cadillac, but modern innovation has enabled automakers to extend the length of practically any type of vehicle out there, including SUVs and even certain types of vans. Most stretch limos will typically hold between 8 to 10 passengers, but there are some “super-stretch” models out there that can transport up to 20 passengers. One of the most popular stretch limos in use today is the extended-body Hummer H2, which can make quite an impressive visual statement.

Luxury Sedans: Although they’re technically termed “limousines” when included in the fleet of a limo service, luxury sedans are actually just high-end vehicles from manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Jaguar, etc. These types of cars are often used to transport important business clients or other persons who are not necessarily trying to make their presence known.

Vans and Shuttles: This is a top choice if you’re looking to transport a larger group of people in an efficient manner. Vans and shuttles are ideal for transporting corporate groups, wedding parties, family groups, etc.

2.) The type you choose needs to fit with the occasion you’re using it for

The type of occasion you plan to use the limo for should definitely influence the type of model you choose. If you plan to paint the town with friends for someone’s birthday bash, you could jazz up your limo choice with an unconventional ride such as a stretch Hummer H2. For a more formal or official occasion, such as transporting an important businessperson or dignitary, you might want to tone things down to a more conservative level by choosing a sedan-style limousine, such as a Cadillac or a Jaguar.

Ultimately, before choosing what vehicle you want, thoroughly understand the parameters that should factor into your decision making like: where your event will be, how many people will be using the vehicle, and your budget.

3.) Figure out what amenities are available per vehicle 

If you’re considering renting a limousine, more than likely you’re not doing it because you’re looking for a glorified taxi. You want your limo to have some decent amenities such as: lighted ceilings, LCD monitors, DVD players, champagne coolers, a nice stereo system, etc.

If there isn’t going to be a lot of you to use the vehicle, having to pay for extra amenities seem foolhardy.

Before you make your final decision, be sure that the limo in question has all of the amenities that will be appropriate for your group’s needs.

4.) Always ask for an accurate cost estimate

It goes without saying that cost is one of the most important factors involved in renting a limo. Be sure to read the fine print regarding the type of base rate that the limo company is charging, and pay close attention to the additional charges that might be added to the total bill, including administration fees, fuel surcharges, and gratuity for the chauffeur.

When obtaining a cost estimate, make sure that the bottom-line figure is all-inclusive. Don’t be afraid to consult several limo rental companies and compare their offerings and contracts. That way, you’ll know that you are getting the best deal for the best price.

5.) Tripe-check the safety compliance of the rental company and rental vehicle 

There isn’t anything more than your safety and the safety of other passengers. So it’s crucial that you look into the safety aspect of your limo rental. Is the chauffeur professionally trained and properly certified to drive the vehicle? Does the limo company have liability insurance? Have the fleet vehicles been properly inspected and maintained to ensure safe passage?

Before signing on the dotted line, be sure that these questions are adequately answered. If you’re dealing with a reputable company, they’ll be able to answer your questions satisfactorily.

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What Makes A Stellar Limo Rental Company

When you’re looking to hire a car or a limo for a special occasion, the best thing you can do for yourself is to research, research, research! Limo rentals experienced a bit of a boom within the last decade or so–this means that there are several people out there who seriously wanted a piece of that pie. Sadly, this also means that there will be companies who may have cut corners or offer substandard services.

To combat that, today we’ll be discussing the makings of a good limo rental company.

A Good Limo Rental Company Will Come Highly Recommended

Like most people who aim to rent a limo, chances are you’ve personally asked people around you for recommendations. While it is to be expected that limo rental companies will tout their ‘positive reviews’ from satisfied clients, it’s still important to do your own digging.

It’s fairly easy to find reviews online that aren’t posted by the company itself. It is these reviews that you peruse carefully when making a decision.

A Good Limo Rental Company Will Be Easy To Contact

Reputable limo rental companies will always have someone or several people at the ready to entertain any queries. If you try to call their contact number and hit a busy tone 60% of the time, it’s best to consider other options.

Check their websites for any email addresses listed and see how fast you can get a reply back. Responsiveness of an actual person and not an automated reply is a good indicator that there are people behind the business and that your concerns will actually be heard.

A Good Limo Rental Company Will Have A Well Tuned Fleet

If a limo rental company wants to survive, they need to keep up with the trend. This trend includes new models of cars which people will more than likely ask for. So when you go in for an in-person visit, pay close attention to their fleet of cars.

Do they have enough cars? Do they look new? When you rent a limo, it’s best to inspect it thoroughly.

A Good Limo Rental Company Will Be Properly Licensed 

It would be good if you familiarize yourself with the necessary licenses that a limo or car rental company will need. Doing so, you arm yourself with the needed knowledge to spot companies that don’t have such certifications.

It’s ultimately for your own safety to make use of a company that’s duly certified. A suitably certified company will more than likely have properly trained staff to meet your needs.

A Good Limo Rental Company Will Have Their Paperwork In Order

Should you decide to go forward with your booking, a good limo rental company shouldn’t have any slip ups regarding the paperwork. Their staff should be able to provide you with a clear contract and contract guidelines. This should include any clauses policies that concern down payments, refunds or cancellations.

If you come across a company that cannot do this for you, it’s a pretty glaring sign that the company you’re dealing with hasn’t gathered their bearings. If they’ve been around a while, that’s a pretty bad sign.

So be a smart consumer and arm yourself with proper knowledge on what makes a good rental company. You’ll be saving yourself effort, money, and time.

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Smart Questions To Ask When Hiring A Limo

Booking a rental car can be quite daunting to some. The offers can vary from company to company. There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking of what sort of limo to hire. It’s a process that a lot of people just want over and done with so often a lot of them forget to ask some really important questions. So, it can understandably be frustrating when you end up with a contract with sometimes more or even less that what you expected.

In our field of work, we’ve come across a myriad of people which different needs and requirements for their limo service rentals. To further help arm our readers with helpful knowledge, we’ve come up with a list of smart questions to ask any limo service company when you’re looking to book a car.

“What is the policy on alcoholic beverages?”

Why you need to ask this:
Rental companies vary with their offerings and policies. What is true for one company may not apply with others. So if you come across a company that offers complimentary alcoholic beverages, it would be best to not assume that all rental companies offer the same deal.

With that in mind, it’s ultimately safer for you to get the information from the start (particularly if you do want alcoholic beverages on your trip). It will let you know if you’ll have to pay extra or if you’re able to bring your own goods.

“What paperwork or proof of identity is needed to book and reserve a car?”

Why you need to ask this:
Some companies may be stricter than others. This question is best asked over the phone before you actually go to the lot of your preferred rental service company. It will inform you before-hand of what documentation you’ll need to bring.

The last thing you’d want is to have to take a trip back home because you forgot to bring a photocopy of your latest billing statement.

“Is the deposit or reservation fee per vehicle or for all vehicles I’m renting?”

Why you need to ask this:
This is important for those who are going to rent out more than one vehicle. Some companies may offer a lump sum deposit while others prefer a ‘per vehicle’ fee. It’s best to get any confusion out of the way to better assess which company you’ll want to rent from.

In our experience, it’s good to look for companies that do a lump sum deposit. They’re the ones that are usually after long-term services and not those that try to get most out of each client per contract.

“What are your cancellation and refund policies?”

Why you need to ask this:
Cancellation policies are there to protect both the client and the company from any odd or sudden changes about the booking. Understanding the cancellation and refund policies will help you, as a client, fully comprehend what you’re agreeing to and how you are protected.

This way the company can’t simply back out of a booking that you’ve already paid for. it is a good sign that you’re dealing with a good company if they have clear cancellation and refund policies in place.

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Four Limo Scams To Watch Out For

When you’re hiring a limo for a special event, the last thing you would want is any nasty surprises when it comes to settle the bill. While there are many a good limo rental company out there, sadly–there are always exceptions to the fact. So today, we’ll be discussing some of the common limo scams that some sketchy limo rental companies will try to fob off on you.

Sudden Food and Beverage Charges

When you hire a limo and you want snacks included in your rental, make sure that the details are clear in the contract. Your contract should specifically state any prices to any snacks or drinks if they aren’t included in the overall rental price.

If you do not want snacks in your rental, it’s best to have that in your contract as well so the rental company does not suddenly hit you with food and beverage charges that you did not even consume.

Satellite TV and WiFi Access Charges

Most of the limo models out in the market today have LCD TVs–however, it is important to get it cleared during negotiations that there will be free access to these features in your rental. It can be quite easy for some rental companies to not clarify that there is an additional charge for the use of the TV or for the WiFi.

If you do not have the fees for these services clearly, the bill you can be given at the end can be quite large.


Some unlucky renters have reported this particular scam. The limo rental companies they used sneaked in some loopholes into their contract that made it completely possible to add in extra charges. When you’re not paying attention, they can mess with the rental conditions.

So to avoid this from happening to you, make sure to review your contract thoroughly. See if its clarified in the contract if your rental is charged per hour or how much is to be charged if you exceed the rental hours.

Vehicle Swap

Some unscrupulous companies out there will not hesitate to send out a different vehicle if the client does not specify the vehicle that they want. This is why, to be on the safer side of things, that you take a trip to the car lot and pick out the type of vehicle you want.

Should you spot the vehicle on the lot that you’d want to use, go the extra mile and get the vehicle’s ID number and have them punch it into your contract. That way, there will no way for them to screw you over.


To avoid being scammed by shysters, be a smart consumer. Always make sure that the company you’re talking to is above board with their credentials. Always look up for feedback whether online or firsthand. Get everything in writing so there will be no surprises at the end of the day.

Also, never ever forget that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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For the Fellas: How to Prep for the First Date

Dates can be nerve-wracking most of the time. Making a good impression upon the lady of your choice can seem daunting or intimidating—particularly when you have to make said good impression on a first date. There are so many factors to consider in your decision making like the chosen date and time of the date or like what sort of date you’ll be taking her to. Before you bust out a tux or your favorite pair of denims, take a while and review this list. We’ll be discussing tips on how you can prep for your first date!

Clarify the sort of date you’ll be having

No one likes to be dressed for the wrong thing. So if you’re planning something that requires dressing up or dressing down, be sure to have the details on lock down. Of course, let your lady know what your plans are so she can plan what she’s wearing as well. While you don’t lay out all the details of your planned date, you give her enough information to give her a reasonable amount of expectation. It will also help you understand what highs you need to hit. For example, if you’re going bar diving, taking her to an unpleasant one will definitely turn any flirtation into a sour engagement.

Do your research!

With the availability of information, it would be a shame to not make use of it. Once you’ve picked out your plans, it’s time to do a bit of studying about it. For example, if you’re going for a restaurant date, looking up the best sellers or reading a few reviews of what to get (or avoid). You can compare prices of different local offerings. Look up the décor or the ambiance that best suits the sort of mood you want your date to have. You may even stumble upon a hidden gem in your area that you’ve never known about! There really isn’t any shame in researching—in fact, you may be able to pick up a fun fact or two that you can share with your lovely date. It will add to your conversation and will show her that you took the time to look up the place to make sure both of you were going to have a pleasant time.

Book a car service

This may seem superfluous but trust me, it really isn’t. Think about it! Let’s say you and your date go out for drinks after whatever else activity you’ve done, right? If you’re bringing your own car, this limits the amount you’ll be able to imbibe. If you have a reservation, you’ll have to factor in the amount of time you need to leave your place, pick up your date, and getting to the venue. Booking a car service will help alleviate the need to worry about traffic or parking. Car services will provide you with an experienced driver that will help you get a handle on things. You can even factor in your driver and car service rental as a possible date activity since they usually offer driving tours of cities or nearby out of town destinations. This serves to provide a worry-free event wherein you can just wholly focus on your date.

Have a backup plan ready

Even when you plan everything to a tee, you have to accept that things can happen which can set our best plans spinning. Be flexible and ready a secondary date plan should something go awry. This is where doing extra research would come in handy! Ask the helpdesk of your local car service company (if you decide to rent a car) what other good places to see or things to do in your city. That way, you’ll have your bases well and covered.

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How to Hire a Limo Service: A Guide for Beginners

How to Hire a Limo Service: A Guide for Beginners

Doing something new can always be a source of anxiety. This can be quite true for to-do tasks that aren’t normally part of one’s daily routine like renting a limousine or hiring a limo service company, which is very much in line with our previous post about weddings. When you’re aiming to hire one, it is important that you get a few things out of the way before you’re able to hire one. Let’s break down the process on how to rent a limousine to suit your needs.  Also, please visit our recommended company here:

Step 1: Determine the type of event that you’ll need to hire a car for.
There’s no sense hiring a car if you have nothing to use it for. The typical use of a hired car like a limousine would be for weddings, stag or hen parties, birthdays, proms, and even corporate events. Knowing the event will help you have a clear idea of when you shall need the vehicle.

Step 2: Lockdown the details of the event.
Once you’ve found out what and when the event will be, that will help clear out another detail: how long you shall need the hired vehicle. A lot of limo service companies charge their clients by the hour so understanding how long you’ll need that vehicle will help you save up. On this note, it’s important to remember that there will be companies that offer discounts the longer you hire a vehicle.

Step 3: Determine how many people will be using a hired car along with you.
Knowing the number of people hiring a car with you will help clarify the sort of vehicle that you may need to get. Also, if there will be more than just yourself, you’ll need to ratify where you’ll be picked up or if there will be a designated meet-up place for everyone. Knowing the number of those riding along will also help narrow down the number of companies that may be equipped to cater to your needs.

Step 4: Research the vehicle type you want to get.
Once you’ve settled on the final number of passengers, it’s time to determine what sort of vehicle would best suit your needs. The type of vehicles that are generally on the market for hiring would be sedans, six seat limousines, luxury cars, and classic cars. However, most companies now even keep larger SUV type stretch vehicles in their fleets. Those can seat up to twelve people. Comfort must never be sacrificed, particularly, if the time you spend in that vehicle will be prolonged.

Step 5: List down the services you’d want.
Are you or your party going to require drinks? Is there a particular route you’d want the driver to take? Are there other stops that you’d want the vehicle to make? Writing these down will give you points to bring up when you talk to a limo service company.

Step 6: Finalize your budget.
When you understand the event, number of people involved, type of car you aim for, it’ll be time to set a budget to galvanize everything together. Having a clear budget will serve as a guideline to what sort of companies will be in your range. It shall also help the limo service company have an idea of how they can best service you and what sort of discount or promo they can form for you.

Step 7: Research local limo service companies and check if they’re licensed.
The really good lime service companies will be registered with their state and will have the necessary insurance for the safety of their vehicles and their clients. An immediate red flag would be if a company cannot show you the necessary credentials.

Step 8: Contact several limo service companies in your area or the area of your event.
The wisdom in contacting several companies will be that you’ll be able to compare their offers. Be sure to get a full quotation from each company so you’ll know what you’ll be working with. There will be companies that offer services by the hour while others have all-inclusive packages for a full half day or even a full day. Be clear when asking your questions and don’t forget to bring up the topics of fuel surcharge and other services that may not be included in the base price. Ask them about whether or not the driver is allowed to get a tip at the end of the service as other companies include the tip in the fees.  Be clear on what your details are so that the staff can fully accommodate and develop a plan to fully suit your choices.  Be sure to ask about cancellation fees as well. Ask if there’s an reservation fee or a partial payment. It’s important to have all your bases covered.

Step 9: Once you’ve decided on a company, be sure to reserve your choice vehicle early.
If you’re hiring a vehicle as someone’s wedding, it is customary to book the company and the vehicle about 12 months before the actual event. If you’re just a guest, there’s no pressure and you can book your ride around two to three months before the event.

Step 10: Confirm your booking.
Get everything in writing. Ensure that the date, time, route, driver, and vehicle are clearly stated in the contract. That way everything is ironed out and there will be no surprises. Be sure to check if they have any rules listed in the contract, too.

Step 11: Call your chosen company twenty-four hours and three hours before your actual even to check in and make sure that your reservation is being honored.
There’s nothing like dotting the I’s and crossing the Ts. After you’ve done this last step, there’s nothing left than to wait for your ride and enjoy the day.

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True Love Saves: How to Avoid Going beyond Your Wedding Budget

True Love Saves: How to Avoid Going beyond Your Wedding Budget

So you said the BIG YES! You’re finally on your way to matrimonial bliss and you have all these ideas and dreams you have set for your big day. After all the gushing and the happy announcements, it’s time to hunker down and deal with the nitty-gritty details of wedding planning. What is the budget that the two of you are willing to allocate for your wedding? Now, the clincher is to reconcile those dreams with the actual wedding budget that you have. With these tips, you can arm yourself well on staying faithful to the budget you’ve set.

Have an Open Discussion as a Couple

First things first! You and your fiancé need to agree on certain details about your wedding. It is important to remember that this is an event to celebrate your union aka he may have his own ideas for your wedding day. Do either of you want a garden wedding? Is there a particular venue that you’ve set your heart on?  Are you going big time with a fancy limousine?  Open communication and flexibility is important if you’re ever going to agree on anything.

It is ideal that both of you come up with your own lists of what you’d like your wedding day to have. Be realistic. Be clear that only what can fit in the preset wedding budget must be in the list. That way, it’ll be easier to discuss what you can give up on and what your non-negotiable details are (same goes for him). Compromise is very important at this stage of the wedding planning and will be very important in keeping within the parameters your budget.

Have Clear and Active Record Keeping

When you’ve settled on your agreed details, it’s time to record it. Use a diary or an organizer. You can even make use of an excel file or a blog. There are even apps being developed for that, however, they’re often ad riddled and can be unreliable. The best and most reliable way most brides have found is to keep a folder with them. They make sure they always have a pen and several blank pieces of paper for sudden new details that need to be listed down. Having an organized record of all you need for your big day (flowers, caterer, DJ, etc.) and the budget you’ve both agreed for each item will secure a better chance for your wedding day to be as you pictured it to be without breaking the bank.

Keep Your Invitation List Small

If you’re going for a dinner reception after the ceremony, the servings per head can be quite hefty. Does your mother want to invite her old high school friends? Are you even acquainted with them? Learn to say no early on and keep at it until it sticks. There is simply no need to have people who you don’t know show up to your big day. It’s like asking complete strangers to show up to your sweet 16. It’s costly, awkward, and unnecessary. The same goes for those dear college friends you haven’t seen in years. The general rule is: if you haven’t physically seen or talked to them within a year, you don’t need to invite them to your wedding. On the same vein, don’t feel obliged to invite every co-worker or boss you have. If they’re truly your friends, they’ll understand.

That way, you can keep your list small and intimate. It’ll make for a much more meaningful event with those who actually care and wish you well. It also slashes a big cost off your final wedding bill.

Attend Wedding Expos and Symposiums

Before setting a final wedding date, it’s prudent for both of you as a couple to attend local or nearby state wedding expos. The best deals and wedding suppliers hoping to establish their brand are willingly gathered for your convenience. It is well-known that bigger discounts (up to 50%) are given for on-the-spot bookings. Expos are also known to have a raffle for couples that register. Prizes are often a honeymoon trip to a location of the couple’s choosing or a cruise.

If you do find a supplier that piques your fancy, a prudent move would be to ask if they’ll be in other expos in the nearby future. At least then, if you don’t want to book them now, you’ll have a clear idea of where they’ll be (while scoring a whole new opportunity to view new suppliers).

DIY Whenever You Can

Most excessive costs come in the little details like invitations and if you’re doing a denominational wedding, the things like the candle, veil, and others. Shrewd brides design and print their own invitations. It’s more cost efficient to buy stationary and envelopes in bulk and add little designs to it yourself.

You and your fiancé may even make it together as a new pre-wedded couple activity. It allows you both to spend time together and make the experience more personal.

Enlist the Aid of your Wedding Party/Family

Got a friend that’s a whiz with digital art? Got a cousin that’s craft skills that make Pinterest board looks like kinder crafts? Don’t be shy and ask if they’d be available to lend you a hand. If they say yes, prepare a small gift for them and sometimes they might even say helping is payment enough! Having family members (his included) help out with some wedding details helps deepen the bonds that you’ll all have.

Arrange Appropriate Transportation

The first thing people see in the back of pictures coming out of the church are the bride and groom standing in front of a limousine.  Keep in mind, that limo rentals can be expensive, so it’s important to choose a limo service that’s both trust-worthy and reasonably priced.  By doing your research on wedding transportation ahead of time, you’ll save a lot of money overall.

Keep Relaxed and Keep Your Eye on The Bigger Prize

The enemy of your budget, believe it or not, is stress! When you’re tired and your nerves are frayed, you’ll more than likely make some decisions that lead to unnecessary costs. Being driven by emotion is counterproductive to keeping within your budget.

All in all, take a deep breath and consult with your fiancé constantly. You’re doing all this so you can have a lovely day to celebrate your love with your family and friends.

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